Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Five Real Reasons Spider-Man 4 Won't Happen...

5. Spidey Didn't Have Any Decent Villains Left
Spider-Man has a pretty extensive rogue's gallery, but the first three movies exhausted most of the top tier (Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Venom, Sandman). I admit, the Lizard (AKA Dr. Curt Connors, played by Dylan Baker in 2 and 3) would be cool to see, but who else is left? The Vulture (an old guy who can fly)? Mysterio (ex-stuntman with a globe for a head)? Carnage (annoying Venom ripoff)? Shit, just use Morbius the Living Vampire and snag those sweet Twilight fan dollars.

4. No More Decent Roles for Stan Lee
After playing "Man in Fair," "Man Dodging Debris," and "Man in Times Square," they've obviously exhausted The Man's acting capabilities.

3. The Simmering Adultery Scandal
In news that mirrors the recent developme
nt in Tiger Woods' life, Peter Parker has been romantically linked not only to Gwen Stacy, but also Betty Brant, Felicia "Black Cat" Hardy, Jessica "Spider Woman" Drew, Jean Grey, and Angelina Jolie.

2. Kirsten Dunst's Teeth Reaching Point of No Return
The actor who plays Mary Jane has always been defiant about her uneven toofuses, but executives at Sony have access to highly advanced computer software that make it apparent future movies with Dunst as the romantic lead would be near impossible:

1. Cinematic Perfection Has Already Been Achieved
Let's face it, Sam Raimi may have the Evil Dead movies under his belt already, but he'll never again reach the directorial heights he scaled with Emo Peter Parker.

4th Gen Iphone to be available April

Cnet Reports:

According to Fast Company via the Korea Times (sounds like the beginning of a good game of "Telephone," no pun intended), Apple and Korea Telecom "have reached a broad consensus to introduce the advance models as early as possible."
What can we (possibly) be looking forward to? Supposedly, some hardware goodies like better graphics chips, dual-core processors, OLED screens and a removable battery. Application-wise, we could be looking at live video chat. There's a quick snippet recalling past rumors about a 5-megapixel camera with flash, which they shouldn't go without at this point considering other top-notch smartphones are shipping with these features right now.

Game (The Game rapper) Plans new 400 Bars

Game recently just announced on his twitter he will be releasing a follow up to his "300 Bars" song. The Black Wall Street leader told DJ Drama on his twitter account about the upcoming "400 Bars" track. "@djdrama I'm sendin u ALL da music tonite for the mixtape "2010" just been trying to finish "400 bars", that's been the hold up. but i got u," he wrote Monday (January 11). "@snoopdogg just told hit me....... hit you back inna min & let you know what WE ON !!! my n*gga @snoopdogg always keep his nefew laced da fuck up !!! goodlookin cuzz ........ SOOOOO WOOOOOO got hit the bank....... need some pocket change ! (that's $5,000) be right back."

Lauren London Gives Birth to a Baby Boy of Lil Wayne

Thisis50 reports:

Lauren London has given birth to a baby boy with Lil Wayne standing by all the time. The baby boy is very cute, having dimple cheeks like his mom, approximately, 7lbs & 12 ounces…21 inches long. Both Lauren London and Lil Wayne are very happy for having a baby boy. Without any confirmation this is still hearsay however the newborn child supposedly named Lennox Samuel Ari Carter.

Lauren London, an American film and television actress was denying the fact of her pregnancy for months but in august, 2009, couple admitted that Lauren is pregnant with Weezy, an American Grammy Award –winning rapper and singer, she said she was denying the fact but now she is very comfortable with it and she is happy for going to be a mom and now she has given birth to Wayne's third child.

Lil Wayne has two children formerly. First one, a daughter named Reginae Carter, was born with his high school sweetheart Antonia “Toya” Carter, at the birth of his first baby; he was just a teenager. His newborn son, Dwayne Carter III, was born on October 22, 2008 at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati.

There are some rumors about the two more children on the way, one with Nivea and another with an exotic dancer of Los Angeles who is expecting.

7.0 quake hits Haiti; could be"'catastrophe", Experts say

CNN Reports:
(CNN) -- A major earthquake struck southern Haiti on Tuesday, knocking down buildings and inflicting a catastrophe on the impoverished Caribbean nation, its ambassador to the United States said.

"The only thing I can do now is pray and hope for the best," the ambassador, Raymond Joseph, told CNN.

The magnitude 7.0 quake struck about 10 miles (15 kilometers) southwest of the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince shortly before 5 p.m. Joseph said he had little information about the extent of damage from the quake, but one government official -- the only one he was able to reach -- told him houses had crumbled "on the right side of the street and the left side of the street."

"He said it is a catastrophe of major proportions," Joseph said.

A hospital collapsed from the quake, The Associated Press reported.

Frank Williams, the Haitian director of the relief agency World Vision International, said the quake left people "pretty much screaming" all around Port-au-Prince. He said the agency's building shook for about 35 seconds, "and portions of things on the building fell off."

"None of our staff were injured, but lots of walls are falling down," Williams said. "Many of our staff have tried to leave, but were unsuccessful because the walls from buildings and private residences are falling into the streets, so that it has pretty much blocked significantly most of the traffic."

The quake was centered about 6 miles (10 kilometers) underground, according to the USGS. A magnitude 5.9 aftershock followed soon afterward, about 30 miles further west, followed by a 5.5 aftershock closer to the location of the first quake.

"There is a kind of wail as people are very frightened by it," Williams said of the aftershocks. "But most people are out in the streets and just kind of looking up."

A tsunami watch was posted for Haiti and parts of Cuba, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas, but there was no indication that a tsunami had been generated. Historical data suggested a destructive, widespread tsunami was not a threat, the USGS reported.

The quake could be felt strongly in the eastern Cuban city of Santiago, about 250 miles west of Port-au-Prince.

"It was very strong. It lasted for almost a minute," said Marlon Romaguera, who runs a bed-and-breakfast there.

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Joint** Spit Crack Music by Black Kent featuring Cory Gunz

Video of Angry Man In Burger King Gets Instant Karma

Angry man in Burger King throws a drink at the wall and then goes to smash the door with a chair. Little did he know Karma was waiting for him!

Lil Wayne "Rebirth" now Scheduled to hit Stores **Febuary 2nd**

After many rumors and reports that Lil Wayne's upcoming "Rebirth" album was going to be pushed back to the summer, Weezy's record label has now confirmed that the "rock" album will hit stores on February 2nd, just one week before Lil Wayne reports to serve his prison sentence.

Soulja Boy - "2Milli" + "The Best" Hot or Not? (Download Included)

Souljay Boy-2Mili download:
Soulja Boy-The Best

WTF Crazy! Base Jumping in Dubai From The Tallest Building In The World

Two men set a new world record for the highest base jump from the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa. The reach speeds of 136 mph.

watch on youtube:

Lloyd Banks of G-Unit Arrested in Canada

KITCHENER – New York rapper and G Unit member Lloyd Banks and his three-man crew remain in jail following a brief court appearance in Kitchener Monday after a music promoter was allegedly held against his will, robbed and beaten in a local hotel room early Saturday.

The rapper, an associate of famed hip hop artist 50 Cent, and his three group members appeared in Kitchener provincial court Monday afternoon. They were remanded in custody until Tuesday.

Before they can be released, the American citizens must pay a bail amount of $125,000.

Lloyd Banks, 27, who’s real name is Christopher Lloyd, must pay $50,000, while the three other members must pay $25,000 each. The other members include a back-up singer and a road manager.

Also charged are Tyrell Cooper, 24, Nicklas Sloane, 25, and Shaun McGee, 31.

The men, who are at Maplehurst Detention Centre in Milton, cannot be released until the money is sent to the courthouse via a bank draft, said Kitchener lawyer Brennan Smart. Smart was representing Banks and his associates on behalf of Windsor lawyer Pat Ducharme, who had been asked by an American lawyer to represent Banks and his party.

The members of the hip hop group, G Unit, are charged with forcible confinement, aggravated assault and robbery. A publication ban prevents evidence presented in court from being published.

Sgt. Brad Finucan of Waterloo Regional Police Criminal Investigations branch said an alleged violent altercation ensued between G Unit’s Lloyd Banks, his three associates and a music promoter at a concert at a night club in Brantford Friday night.

Lloyd is originally from the Queen’s area of New York City. G Unit Lloyd Banks has been to Canada many times for concerts, Finucan said.

Finucan said there was a dispute over a performance and appearance fee charged the rappers at Club NV on Colborne Street in Brantford. The fight started at the club and continued at the Kitchener hotel early Saturday.

Police were called by another booking agent.

Finucan said the victim, a 36-year-old Toronto man, was punched and kicked in the head and face, robbed and held for an hour in the hotel room. He was treated for head and facial injuries and released from Grand River Hospital for serious but non-life threatening injuries.

The four men were held in custody over the weekend and appeared in court by video on Sunday.

Smart said the rap group was in Canada on a work permit that expired Sunday at midnight. Smart said the rappers could be held for an additional 48 hours after their release or they could face more charges stemming from the work permit which immigration officials believe has been violated.

“It’s a preposterous stance by immigration officials,’’ Smart said. “He (Lloyd Banks) would have liked to have left.’’

Under the terms of their release, the G Unit members cannot come to Canada except for scheduled court dates relating to the charges or meeting with their lawyers. They are also forbidden from possessing weapons.

Bishop Lamont Confirmed to leave(Dr Dre's) Aftermath Records Label

West Coast super lyricist Bishop Lamont has finally confirmed the rumors. He is no longer a part of Aftermath Records.

It was an amicable split with Dr Dre allowing Bishop to leave with 700 plus mastered songs. So expect to see his long awaited album "The Reformation" sometime in 2010.

Meanwhile, Bishop just left New York where his is talking to various labels about a new record deal.

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Avatar movie on top of Box Office...once Again! Becomes 2nd Highest Grossing Film Of All Time With $1.34 Billion In Worldwide Sales

James Cameron's "Avatar" dominated the North American box office for the fourth weekend in a row, earning $48.5 million and becoming the second-highest-grossing film of all time.

So far, Cameron's other mega-hit, "Titanic," which remained No. 1 for 15 weeks straight and garnered $1.8 billion in global sales, is the only movie to top the $1.34 billion worldwide earnings of "Avatar."